Fondazione Astengo

What is the Fondazione Giovanni Astengo

The National Institute of Urban Planning (INU) is an Italian association of urban planners, including professionals from both private and  public sectors and academia. The INU founded the Fondazione Giovanni Astengo in 1995 with the two aims to promote continuing education in urban planning and to preserve the heritage related to the urban planning history in Italy.

The Fondazione Astengo is entitled to a famous Italian urban planner. It is located in Rome and its major fields of activity are: promoting, organizing and managing programs and project oriented to strengthen and reinforce competencies of professionals involved in the urban planning practice; gathering, recording and storing documents and plans in the historical and contemporary archives; producing cultural and editorial outcomes; promoting, organizing and managing cultural and educational exchanges,  both at national level with public and private institutions sharing the same aims, and at international level, in particular with EU institutions; promoting and disseminating studies and researches on innovative professional tools and on the archived documents; promoting and supporting the development of the local and regional cultures in the territorial management.

To whom it is useful and how

Public managers and private consultants are very well aware of the need for a high quality continuing education. The Fondazione Astengo offers several short or long programs for professionals on different topics, which can be also tailored on demand, supported by a highly qualified teaching staff in a cutting edge learning environment. The Fondazione Astengo make worth of the INU expertise, including professionals who work on the forefront of the theory and planning practice in different fields (academia, public administration, private companies).

The Fondazione Astengo offers to researchers and academics the opportunity to consult and study a unique archive and specialized library. Moreover, study trips are offered to a wide range of people, from experts to those who are simply fond of urban design, in key-sites of contemporary urban design, guided by experienced teaching staff.


Our offices are located in Rome, Piazza Farnese n° 44 – 00186 Roma and
are open  Monday to Friday 9am- 1pm. You can call us (o6/68134453 – e-mail: and  Antonietta Durante will answer your phone calls in the same days and  hours or she will call you back if you leave your phone number.  Looking forward to meeting you!


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