23rd International Urban Planners’ exhibition

The exhibition will take place in Belgrade, Serbia7-15 November, 2014. This is the most important exhibition and the meeting of urbanism-oriented professionals in this part of Europe. The main organizers of current exhibition are SERBIAN TOWN PLANNERS ASSOCIATION and BELGRADE TOWN PLANNERS ASSOCIATION, with the support of the Authority of Belgrade.

On behalf of all participants we call you and your students to take part in 23rd International Urban Planners’. This call is directly addressed for the sending of respectable, urbanism-oriented students’ works in the same category at the exhibition. There is no fee for the participation in this category.

Further, there are several other categories, which are related to professional practice in urbanism and affined disciplines.

 1) Elements: The elements for the application and submission of students’ works are:

  • 70/100 cm poster – max. 2 posters, on paper or thin cardboard, without any frame, arrangement according to the participant. Poster could be horizontal or vertical. All the posters must have blank space 10/10cm in the lower left cornerreserved for the Exhibition logo and catalogue number. Each poster must be signed by the author, and in case that work is being presented by two posters their order should be marked;
  • Application – This document should be sent with .doc or .docx extension (aka WORD document). Application forms are attached here > The sending via e-mail;
  • Short textual explanation of the work for Catalogue – This element is included in mentioned application form > The sending via e-mail;
  • Graphic illustration for Catalogue – This document should be sent with .jpg extension (aka JPG document, CMYK, 300 dpi), for approximate dimensions 18/12 cm (horizontal position) > the sending via both e-mail and CD/DVD (accompanied with poster(s)).

2) Sending: The sending of the application and submission of the all elements should be done at the Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade, with following remark: “ZA 23. SALON” / “for the 23rd International Urban Planners’ Exhibition”, address: 11000 Belgrade, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 73/II, Contact person: Branislav Antonić (Room / kabinet 246)” and/or via e-mail: antonic83@gmail.com (contact phone: +381638309337, Branislav Antonić);

3) Deadline: The deadline for application and submission is October 23rd 2014. It is highly recommended to send the application with textual explanation and graphic illustration for Catalogue as soon as possible, via mentioned e-mail. Application forms in English language are attached with the this call;

 4) Pre-selection for student works: Having in mind that that we traditionally expect a lot of students’ works, pre-selection will be done. Selected works will be sent to the exhibition. The committee for pre-selection will also try to keep the variety of schools in the exhibition.

. . .

Further information is given in attached leaflet. Forthcoming and updated information will be presented at the website of Serbian Town Planners Association:


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